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Some people don't like to share who their vendors are or toot the horn of their super-talented collaborators, but we do things a little differently here at Art School Girl. Without this pool of talent our products just wouldn't be the same; in fact, they would likely still be little dated thumbnails in Amy's sketchbook (a cell phone helmet is a great idea, don't laugh).

Julia Tsarpalas
Queen of our website re-design, fresh out of school and brimming with creative exuberance

Antonio Garcia
Copywriter, cheerleader and a great dance partner

Mary Beth Tsarpalas
Copywriter, universal supporter and possibly my first fan. She has adopted Art School Girl as her honorary fourth daughter. She is a great baker and will often extend thanks via cookies like my gramps did, I love that about her.

Denise Ann Holmes
Denise is our go-to illustrator. I just love her simple, cute, confident drawings of people, animals and lettering. Denise and I have a super secret collaborative company called Me&Me, clever right?

Sean DeSantos
Sean hosts our website on his very owner server. We love Sean.


Sam Wilder of Wildflower Letterpress
Our über-talented letterpress and die cutting master, loves 80's music.

Salsedo Press
Offset lithography and our various trimming, binding and cutting. They are a Union Shop, worker-owned, a certified Minority Business Enterprise and they print with soy inks on recycled paper with eco-friendly paper plates. Yeah, they rock.

Andrea Everman
Andrea owns her own laser cuter and assists us in cutting old books. She's willing to put many materials in the laser cutter, just not meat.

John Vogl of the Bungaloo
John is a skilled printer and talented artist. He printed our card masters and was one of our featured artists in our Letterpressed ASG EDitions series.

A&H Bindery
Bookbinders extraordinaire. They do our book sewing when our run is too big to do by hand.

Rohner Letterpress
Gotta love Rohner for letting me pilfer their cut-off stacks, use their awesome cutter and for teaching me the love of letterpress as their pre-press girl.


Nigel Sielegar
Nigel was our very first intern. He has gone on to study under Stefan Sagmeister at SVA and won awards from the Type Directors Club, Adobe and on. A coincidence? We think not. Greatness starts here.

Ann Moffett
One of the best craftsmen I've worked with. Incredibly accurate with so many mediums, a wonderful studio hand.

Erin Davis
Erin would finish a project before I could even get my own project started. Her can-do attitude got her hired even after I had filled the position. We share a (slightly guilty) love of pop music.

Sun Young Park
Sun was never on time, being from L.A. I always worried she'd been taken out by a snow drift or snirt puddle. But she made up for that with her wonderful illustrations and hand painting.

Angela Vitzthum
Angela would come every week to our studio after working her mind numbing 9-5. I don't think she owns any sweat pants, her sense of fashion is always inspiring to me.


Camilla Engman
I love her collages, paintings, photography and inspiring blog. Had the pleasure of studying with her this past summer and she couldn't be more lovely.

Alabama Chanin
gorgeous hand stitched couture produced by local Alabamians who set their own prices for their work. Slow design and sustainability in the fashion world? Amazing and inspiring.

Allyson Melberg Taylor
Allyson has a farm in her backyard where she grows food and art supplies. She and her husband make their own inks and dyes. A farm to (drafting) table model.

Caroline Hwang
Great collages and sewn pieces.

Jennifer No
A fellow art school girl, where I insisted she be my friend. An on-call intern and a hilarious artist.

Jill Bliss
We fell in love with Jill's Blissen back in 2001 at the beginning of the DIY movement she was helping to lead. She also enjoys a little booty dancing music while working.

Esther Ramirez of Essimar
Esther can take ordinary tissue paper and scissors and make amazing art. Her use of color and cut paper is so inspiring.


Rifle Paper Co.

Egg Press

Hello Lucky

The Great Lakes


Set Editions

Lucky Bird

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