Fika + Farewell


This past summer I had the pleasure of studying in Sweden with the talented Miss Camilla Engman. I made this print in response to my trip for the generous souls who helped fund my trip via Kickstarter.

Fika is a break that Swedes take at any time of the day that commonly involves a friend, some coffee and something sweet. While on an outing one of the ladies in our group ordered a peculiar dessert resembling a meatball. It was a chocolate ball or “chokladbollar”, a very simple and common Swedish dessert. Chocolate balls quickly became a favorite treat for everyone,as well as the subject of paintings and drawings.

At our farewell dinner on Camilla’s studio rooftop we were greeted by a hand shaped hot air balloon floating over head. A symbol of our impending farewell.

This print is a combination of a block print and a Gocco screenprint printed by hand in my studio. Because they are hand inked, each one varies in color and texture. See detailed photos.